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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season...to have an appointment!

Hello adoption friends!  Well the adoption center is back in business and so am I!  Many families have received appointments for the month of December and it is great to have things moving again and seeing more kids placed in families!

I got a chance to host 2 families this week-- one on the way in and headed off to adopt a little boy in Kherson and the other on the way out after a very long journey in country. So glad they'll make it home for Christmas

This Saturday my dear friends Clarke and Kris Stoesz will arrive to complete the adoption of Anna...a girl they've been waiting for since she was hosted first over a year ago!  Anna is in Kiev region and the Stoesz family will be at my apartment for the duration of their adoption.  After doing ministry together for many years, I'm so thrilled I can help them in this way. It works out well, since I am headed 'home for the holidays'- so they will be holding down the fort while I'm away.

This means I won't be able to schedule new families to stay with me till likely the middle to end of January as that is when I will return to Ukraine-- and about when the Stoesz family should be departing home with their new daughter!
Sorry I won't be able to assist more families this month.

Enjoy the Christmas season!

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  1. Karen, thanks so much! We are so excited to have a home to stay at. Clarke and I were talking tonight about our Christmas Eve plans in Ukraine. We can't wait! See you soon!