A ministry for adoptive families in need of short-term housing while in Kiev

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Year

One year and one month- that is how long my home has been being used to house adoptive families.
34-  That is the number of families that have passed through my home in the last year.
43-  That is the number of children who now have homes because of these families.

I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God this past year. Though there have been moments of feeling exhausted and a little overspent, the word that describes this past year has been REFRESHED.

I love hearing people's stories. I love hearing how God has called people to adopt. I love seeing the church become passionate about the things that are close to the heart of God. I love seeing injustice defeated.  I love seeing orphans placed in families...orphans no more.

When I set out to take on this 'hospitality ministry' I was hoping that God would use my home to bless others, but I never expected that I would be the one to receive so many blessings in return. I have been humbled to walk along side those that are living a faith that bleeds.  I have made friends for life on this adventure and I can truly say that my cup has been filled to the brim with joy. More than I ever expected.

Looking forward to what the next year holds...


  1. Hey Karen,
    We are Lord willingly going to be in Kiev at the beginning of July and do not have a place to stay because of the Euro cup. We are in the process of adopting our second child from Ukraine and are bringing all our present children with us (4). Do you have an opening for us to stay with you while we do our SDA appointment? We found out about you through some of our friends in Odessa.

  2. Hey, Karen! All those families, all those kids....two of them are thriving despite the four days of mood swings that I couldn't explain or fix, but that you and Julia navigated graciously and wonderfully. She's getting it and that foundation started with your heart. Thank you so much.

    Matt Garrett