A ministry for adoptive families in need of short-term housing while in Kiev

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How it works

I have been amazed at all the emails and encouraging words that have come in since I created this new blog!  I am very excited for how God will use this ministry to bless many adoptive families in the months to come-- I have already connected with some great people and believe it or not, just about have a full schedule for March!

I had several emails asking questions about how I will receive families, so here are a few notes below in response to many of the questions I've had...

~What is the cost?  Staying at the hospitality house is free.  This is a ministry and a way to help families that are already taking on a huge financial burden by traveling to Ukraine and it is a privilege to be able to offer this assistance.

~How can I reserve dates?  I will only be able confirm that the apartment will be available when a family sends me their actual SDA appointment.  Families can email me when they think they hope to be coming, but I won't be able to guarantee a place to stay until a family has received their SDA appointment date and emails me those details.  Staying at the apartment on the way out of the country will also be difficult to pre-arrange as the date of out-bound travel is never certain.  Families wanting to stay on the way out will also just have to email a couple days in advance to see if there is availability.

~What else do we need to do?  I am asking that families email me a copy of their SDA referral letter, just to confirm the authenticity of the appointment and that I know the family is really coming to adopt children! :)  I want to be hospitable.....but only for adoptive families at this point! :)

~How long can we stay?  Typically most families arrive 1-2 days prior to their SDA appointment and then travel the day after their SDA appointment-- so I am anticipating most families needing housing for 3-4 nights.  This can be extended as needed, and if there is availability.

Hope this helps!  Now....back to that laundry!

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  1. Karen...In addition to being an adoptive mommy, I'm also a blogger for adoption.com. Would you mind if I posted something about hospitality house on my blog?