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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kiev Days

This weekend was the annual "Kiev Days" here in the city. Which means the streets were jammed packed with artisans from all over the country displaying their goods.  I have never seen so many people on Andrevsky Spusk in my life!!  I've been here a long time, but this is my first experience with Kiev Days.

 I have Rachel and Tim Harris staying with me at the moment, who are awaiting an SDA appointment this week-- so after church and a yummy lunch at the Irish Pub down the street we hit the 'hill' where all the goodies could be found and had quite a bit of fun-- and tried to endure the HEAT!
Tim and Rachel

We seem to be having a bit of a heat wave in Ukraine at the moment!

SDA appointments seem to be popular for the first and second weeks of June-- and I have people it looks like almost all month at the hospitality house. We are still awaiting to hear if things will close down for awhile in mid-June. As of now, everything is still just rumors and nothing is officially confirmed. But for now, my home has been kept busy with many dear couples starting out their adoption journey here in Kiev.

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  1. Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!! When we went, it was soooo cold, and I didnt even realize the whole part going down the hill until we went back with Tara A. Man, we missed a lot! Cant wait to go back!